Our Dysfunctional Governments in Australia and Especially Victoria

First a note on this site’s ownership. The sad plight of Australia means that I am forbidden to publish most of what I want to say here on Australian soil.

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Governments in Australia are one of the worst, most unaccountable and untransparent in the so called “free World”. There is no constitutional right to free speech in Australia – there is a vague “implied right to political communication” determined by the High Court, but the Common Citizen must have the wealth to defend this right in the High Court. Governments, in particular local governments, seem to think nothing of using Citizens’ taxes and rates to suppress any public comment they dislike. My own local government has a prohibition on anything it deems to be “offensive”. Naturally, it determines what is “offensive” and this is code for anything that it doesn’t like or tries to hold it to account.

Below is a record of open letters I have sent to politicians and council administrations in Victoria which I can only host in the United States of America owing to our dysfunctional laws in Australia.

An Open Letter to the CEO Whitehorse City Council December 2014

An Open Letter to the Minister for Local Government December 2014

My Declaration to Victoria Police March 2013 of harassment and threats, made almost certainly by Whitehorse Council in my opinion

An Open Letter to the Federal Treasurer June 2014

Letter to School Councils in the Whitehorse Area September 2015